Optimize your inventory

AI demand forecasting and replenishment recommendation. MLmargin takes the guesswork out of Supply Chain Management.

Use our

AI-powered tool

Cutting edge technology for demand prediction, replenishment recommendation and price optimization

with high accuracy

- Reduce stock-outs
- Less over-stocks
- Optimize the price

You will spend less for warehouse and will increase customer satisfaction, thus increasing conversions and revenue

to increase profit

Main features

Price optimization

Optimization models will combine the demand forecast, sales margin, price elasticity and macroeconomic indicators for a perfect pricing decision

API integration

REST API is provided for seamless data flow and user experience. Contact our team to integrate your already available business tools

About us

We are a team of experts in Supply Chain Management and Machine Learning that will help you unlock the hidden potential of your data. We believe that everybody should be able to use Artificial Intelligence and have made an affordable tool for a wide variety of clients

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