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Lost overview

Shopify lets you create an unlimited number of products. As your portfolio grows it becomes difficult to manage all the products especially if you have more than 1000 products.

MLmargin is an AI for inventory optimization

We follow a lean design approach to give our customers a better overview. You can drill down on each item to see how it sold in the past and what is the demand forecast for a better analysis and decision support 

Challenges Shopify inventory management Difficult demand forecasting

Difficult demand forecasting

Maintaining good inventory levels will be one of your most challenging problems with a fast growing storefront. Simple algorithms cannot unlock all the value that is hidden in your data.


With Artificial intelligence we will make demand forecasting easy for you


We will build a model and fine tune it on your data so it has the best possible performance. We do not provide a one-size-fits-all solution or a generic AI model. Your data will be carefully analyzed and only the algorithms that perform optimal for your case will be implemented. We can reduce the needed time and effort for demand forecasting so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Overstock or undersupply

When a Shopify store begins managing a larger SKU library, its inventory replenishment process inevitably becomes more complicated. It’s not hard to see that more SKUs open up more opportunities for stockouts, miscounts, or other inventory errors. All these errors affect your profitability. 

Therefore the Shopify Plus Commerce Trends Report offers the following advice to businesses: 

‘Digitize the supply chain by using apps and artificial intelligence to automate and streamline processes.’


MLmargin will provide a replenishment recommendation for each item in your inventory


We will combine the current demand forecasting, the lead times and the price for each item. We will train an AI model that considers both lost revenue caused by stock outs and the cost of unnecessary high inventory levels.

By replenishing the correct quantity you can:

  • reduce delivery time to your customers
  • improve brand reputation
  • boost customer loyalty
  • increase the inventory turnover

Harness the power of Artificial intelligence to optimize your inventory.

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